Acting Head of FRWO said that IWM activities in the natural resources is not limited to construction of concrete structures such as stone and cement check dams but include conservation, afforestation, seeding, and rangeland restoration operations.

According to FRWO’s website, the 41st session of coordination committee for IWM implementation chaired by Khosrow Shahbazi, Acting Head of FRWO was held at FRWO Headquarters on Saturday with the agenda of IWM impacts in flood control especially in Sistan & Baluchistan recent flash flood and review of technical reports on the progress made in IWM implementation.

In this meeting, Dr. Shahbazi said that the allocation of resources from National Development Fund in the critical condition of the country has doubled our responsibility in assessing physical progress of projects, supervising tenders and mode of payments to contractors.

He presented a comprehensive report on his trip to Sistan & Baluchistan province on the occasion of the occurrence of recent flash flood in the province and concluded that the construction of watershed management structures in critical areas has significantly reduced the damages and impacts flood in the region.

Dr. Shahbazi also referred to the relief operation by the Ministry of Agriculture for provision of foodstuff to people as well as fodders for livestock in Sistan & Baluchistan province and stressed: “Acting Minister has attended in person along with the Cabinet in the province to accelerate the relief work”.

At the end of his remarks, Dr. Shahbazi pointed to the Shour River in the vicinity of Qom as one of capital's dust hotspots that affects Tehran’s metropolitan and called for immediate IWM action in the downstream of the river to stabilize the hotspot.