Faryab IWM Project was inaugurated by Dr. Khosrow Shahbazi Acting Head of FRWO in south Kerman on the verge of victory of Islamic Revolution.

According to FRWO’s website Dr. Khosrow Shahbazi Acting Head of FRWO, in a trip to the south Kerman region announced that on the occasion of the 41st anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution, some 499 natural resources and watershed projects will be open with a total budget of 522 billion RLs throughout the provinces of the country.

Dr. Shahbazi also attended the Administrative Council meeting of the Natural Resources and Watershed Management Department of South Kerman and said: “we have to focus our programs on recharging aquifers and restoration of qanats in order to minimize the risk of land subsidence in South Kerman”

Referring to the importance of forests and the green spaces in sustaining life on earth, he noted that over the past 150 years, carbon dioxide emissions have increased by 30%, which is threatening the vitality of ecosystems and future of human societies.

Dr. Shahbazi also with reference to the recent droughts in south Kerman, said: “One of the challenges we are facing in the country is the phenomenon of land subsidence due to depletion of aquifers which is more acute in south of Kerman due to limitation and non-existence of alternative water resources including permanent rivers and lakes”.

In this meeting, the performance of South Kerman NRWM department was reviewed with the presence of provincial directors.

Based on the report of the meeting, Dr. Shahbazi also visited Koguyeh afforestration project in Jiroft which is financed and completed from National Development Fund.