Dr. Khosrow Shahbazi Acting Head of FRWO, in his trip to Kerman province met and conferred with Dr. Fadayei, Governor General of Kerman Province.

According to FRWO’s website, in this meeting Dr. Shahbazi said that the inauguration of 135 agriculture projects and 23 IWM projects is the gift of Ministry of Agriculture to the people of Kerman on the occasion of the 41st anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution, to improve their livelihoods and agricultural outputs.  

Dr. Shahbazi also highlighted the role of IWM projects in improving vegetation cover; soil erosion control and recharge of aquifers and said depletion of aquifers in Kerman due to unbalanced water harvest necessitate the need for implementation of IWM projects that is hopefully speeded up by resources coming from National Development Fund in recent years.

Dr. Fadayei Governor General of Kerman Province also thanked FRWO for his vital role in development of the province and expressed his support for co-financing joint projects. He also referred to the threats posed by active desertification hotspots in the region and called for emergency projects for control of moving sand dunes and wind erosion hotspots.