Acting Head of FRWO and Head of Real Estate, Deeds and Properties Registration Department (REDPRD) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) aimed at exercising state ownership right and expediting the issuance of title deeds for public estates on Saturday at REDPRD Headquarter. 

According to FRWO’s website, Dr. Masoud Mansour said on Saturday before signing the Memorandum of Understanding that: "FRWO, as a state authorized body has the responsibility of land recording of more than 80% of the country's public lands, and its main task is to identify and demarcate State lands, settle any disputes with private land owners and stabilize ownership of government over state lands.

Dr. Mansour further referred to the joint collaboration with REDPRD and said: "Since the beginning of collaboration, we have been able to identify and demarcate 95% of State lands, settle disputes with private owners and obtain ownership title deeds for state lands.

Referring to the theme "the Leap in Production" in year 2020 by the Supreme Leader , he said "Although FRWO, as a state authorized body, does not have a direct role in production, but in many ways natural resources management can contribute to production in the country".

“In coordination with REDPRD, we are planning to make a leap in the preparation of cadastre mapping, and in this regard, the goal was to record at least 30 million hectares of national lands for cadastre mapping this year, “he noted.

In his remarks, Head of REDPRD said: “Given the fact that national lands are normally the target of misappropriation, the preparation of cadastral maps will help prevent the fabrication of documents and legal disputes.”

Zabihullah Khodaeian stated: “More than 80% of the country's area belongs to State as national lands and natural resources, therefore it is important to record the these lands in a systematic ways”.

He reiterated: "Land recording in form of cadastral mapping eliminate aggressive conversions and unauthorized use of public lands."

Khodaeian said: "Usually, the government allocate piece of lands to investors for investment in different projects that most of them are national lands, therefore and documenting these lands will prevent legal disputes."

Head of REDPRD stressed:”This Memorandum of Understanding provides the ground for documentation and transfer of land records into cadastral map in a short time.

He said: “With the analysis of challenges, we have done our utmost in both organizations, to minimize the damages within this memorandum, and cover all national lands and natural resources under cadastral mapping to prevent lawsuits and disputes in courts in one or two years.