Acting Head of FRWO emphasized that we should pay more attention to the prevention and extinguishing of forest fires, and said: "The amount of precipitation in spring promises the revival of nature and abundance of vegetation in meadows that might in turn predispose these areas to fire by rising temperature in summer."

According to FRWO's website, Dr. Masoud Mansour, Acting Head of FRWO, and Dr. Hadi Kiadaliri, Head of Iranian Society of Forestry, participated in a Radio Show "Morning and Conversation" in "Radio Goftogoo" on forest fires in Iran on Tuesday morning.

In this program, Dr. Masoud Mansour emphasized the need to pay more attention to prevention and extinguishing fires in forests, and reiterated: "Prevention precedes fire fighting and we should be aware that one of the most important factors contributing to wildfires in the natural resources is the gross negligence and non-observance of safety tips by tourists and local people."

He also referred to arsons in natural resource areas due to local disputes that lead to deliberate fires in nature, however stressed that most fires are the result of gross negligence of tourists and local people.

Acting Head of FRWO pointed out that this year, due to increased vegetation in forests and rangelands due to rise of precipitations, we feel the need for enhance preparedness for prevention of fires more than before.

He said "In this connection the NRWDs in provinces especially in regions vulnerable to fires, are mandated to take preventive measures including the deployment of volunteers and forest guards in zones prone to fires.

He added: "Emergency instructions have been issued to NRWDs in provinces for grazing in the rangelands that can temporarily reduce the vegetation cover, and in turn the risk of fires."

Dr. Mansour reiterated: "Special coordination has been made with National Disaster Management Organization (NDMO) in the provinces to collaborate with NRWDs in provinces in fire fighting operations."

He pointed out the coordination made with the Ministry of Defense for aerial logistics and said: "According to the arrangement, helicopters will be equipped to firefighting equipments for aerial operations."

In this program, Dr. Hadi Kiadeliri also referred to risk of fires in summer and said we always warn that when people enter the nature, they can start a fire with the slightest mistake. "Although a small number of people may not observe safety tips, but a small negligence can start a fire," he added.

Head of Iranian Society of Forestry stated that "The most important cause of forest fires is the human factor. However, we have both the triggering factor and the predisposing factor that can be aggravated by climate change in the country".

"Rainfall has increased in spring, but it should not be mistaken that we do not have water shortage and when summer arrives, we will face very severe aridity," he stressed.

He reminded: "According to Article 47 of the Protection and Exploitation Law, all agencies are obliged to help in case of fire and provide all their facilities to FRWO for firefighting."