The amendment of judicial protection and insurance coverage bill for FRWO and DoE guards was amended by the Parliament to obtain the approval of the Guardian Council.

According to FRWO's website, based on the report of Islamic Consultative Assembly News Agency (ICANA), on Tuesday, May 13, The Parliament the amended and passed the bill on judicial assistance and insurance coverage bill for protection guards of FRWO and DoE sent back from the Guardian Council for the second time to the Parliament. 

Accordingly, Article 1 of this bill was amended, and one note was added to it as follows:

Article 1 stipulates that the officers of Protection Guards in both FRWO and DoE that are armed as judicial officers based on "Law on Establishment of Protection Guards in FRWO and DoE", shall only have the right to use firearms in cases mentioned in paragraphs 1, 2 and 3 of Article 3 of the "Law on Emergency Use of Weapons by Armed Forces" approved on January 9, 1994.

The said officers shall be subject to the above-mentioned law in terms of their duties, and criminal and civil responsibilities arising from the use of weapons in the above-mentioned cases.

The relevant executive body is subject to the said law in terms of duties towards the agents subject to this article, including the payment of Islamic Diya (ransom) and Compensation for blood money.

According to Note 1 of the same article; the use of weapons based on paragraph 4 of Article 3 of the "Law on Emergency Use of Weapons by Armed Forces" approved on January 9, 1994, is permitted only in cases that comply with all legal criteria, including Note 3 of Article 3 and Article 7 of the said Law in such a way that the arrest or captivity of perpetrators is not possible in no way, other than the use of non-lethal weapons.

Note 2 also stipulate that courts are required to hear such cases without any delay.