Acting Head of FRWO said: "A range management plan is not planned to merely support livestock breeding in rangelands, these plans give the managers the ability to use a holistic management approach with consideration of all rangeland potential that eventually improve the livelihood of rural households." 

According to FRWO's website, Dr. Masoud Mansour in a meeting with members of the National Association of Natural Resources Cooperatives (NANRC) and the Iranian Society of Range Management (ISRM) on Tuesday, said: "The traditional range management plans need to be reviewed and updated based on integrated and multi-purpose approaches and FRWO is determined to prepare range management plans for all rangelands without a plan."

He said that FRWO will use the capacities of Agricultural and Natural Resources Engineering Organization's (ANREO's) in preparation of rangeland management plans that include the cultivation of at least 50,000 hectares of medicinal herbs.

Dr. Mansour referred to the paragraph B of Article 29 of the Sixth Development Plan as a legal framework for transfer of such projects to the National Association of Natural Resources Cooperatives (NANRC) and the Iranian Society of Range Management (ISRM) in provinces.

He also called for continuation of joint meetings every two months at the Headquarters and called on NRWDs in provinces to hold similar meetings in provinces.

Acting Head of FRWO called on NANRC and ISRM to contribute to the natural resources management especially in fire and grazing seasons with their timely presence in the fields.

He said: "FRWO has an extensive plan for firefighting prevention and control that includes provision of equipments, training, advocacy and financial resources; and welcome both NANRC and ISRM to participate in the initiative in coordination with NRWDs for conservation of specific sites.

Dr. Mansour pointed out the collection of annual revenue from rangelands and noted: "Unfortunately, at the moment FRWO is collecting 30% government's revenue from ranchers, and ISRM can assist FRWO to collect the remaining  revenues."

Dr. Massoud Mansour stressed the importance of exploiting by-products, especially medicinal herbs, and said: "Unfortunately, operation of the processing and packaging of by-products is poor and there is no complete technical regulation in this area."

He reiterated that NANRC and ISRM also can play a vital role in regulating standards and technical regulations as well as in the production process, including production, packaging and processing chain of by-products.

Based on the report, Heads of NANRC and ISRM also shared their views and expressed their satisfaction over enhanced collaboration in the aforementioned fields.