Acting Head of FRWO Announced FRWO target to produce one million cubic meters of wood in the year of "Leap in Production" from the National Plan for Wood Farming Development.

According to FRWO's website, Dr. Masoud Mansour in a meeting with the Association of IRAN Wood Industries Employers (AIWIE), discussed the modalities for implementing the National Plan for Wood Farming Development, and said: "FRWO is mandated that in addition to providing saplings, ensure the purchase of wood from farmers and wood producers in public lands."

He added "In public lands, the first priority is to use the full capacity of existing nurseries, which presumably are running with minimum output, and increase their capacity for sapling production."

Dr. Mansour further explained that we have two options for development of wood farming in the public lands. The first option is plantation of fast-growing species in public lands that forested in the past and has reached old age. They should be transferred to contracting parties for harvest and plantation through tender by the permission of the technical committee of NRWDs in the provinces.

He reiterated: "Another option is to identify suitable public lands for wood farming, especially in the Caspian provinces that do not need irrigation or in provinces that have unconventional water resources, for irrigation. In these cases  

NRWDs in provinces are allowed to sign contracts with associations, cooperatives, cellulose and wood industries in return for payment of government's royalty by the end of the year."

Dr. Mansour stressed the importance of wood farming in FRWO and noted that in "9 in 99 initiative", special priority is given to the National Plan for Wood Farming Development as one of the nine main axes of FRWO in 2020.

In this meeting, the Managing Director of the Association of Iran Wood Industries Employers (AIWIE), mentioned some the challenges in the way of collaboration with FRWO and proposed establishing a joint mechanism for production of seedlings and wood farming in public lands.