Dr. Kazem Khavazi, Minister of Agriculture Jahad, in a decree appointed Dr. Masoud Mansour as Deputy Minister and Head of FRWO.

According to FRWO's website, Dr. Kazem Khavazi in a ceremony which was held at FRWO's Headquarters on Saturday evening, praised FRWO for the hard work done in accepting the heavy responsibility of natural resources management in farthest parts of the country.

Dr. Khavazi noted: "Every time I think of forests and rangelands, my heart is filled  with thrills, because they are invaluable assets inherited to us from the past that must be preserved and handed over to the next generations."

Dr. Khavazi added: "I always consult with elites while making decisions, and with consultation I did about FRWO, I found Mr. Mansour as a worthy, brave and knowledgeable person to lead FRWO."

The Minister of Agriculture Jahad called on Dr. Mansour to observe the red line dramatized by the Supreme Leader for the preservation of natural resources and Anfal and implementation of the Logging Ban Initiative very seriously.

Dr. Khavazai also stressed that a secured atmosphere should be prevailed over the natural resources management so that no one has the courage to pose illegal demands from FRWO.

Dr. Khavazi referred to the remarks made by the Supreme Leader last week and reiterated: "In this remarks, the Supreme Leader emphasized the importance of forests, rangelands, watershed management and medicinal herbs cultivation and reminded that there are good capacities in this sector that can help flourish the country."

Dr. Khavazi pointed out that in his trip to Sistan & Baluchestan province last week there was a very high potential in Sistan & Baluchestan province in rangeland sector that can be tapped for the boom of production.

At the end of his speech, he asked FRWO to render their support to Mr. Mansour in shouldering the heavy burden of this responsibility.‏

In this ceremony, Dr. Mansour, after taking the oath of loyalty to Holy Koran and Ministry's Code of Ethics, said that the Supreme Leader's concerns are in fact our roadmap in natural resources management, and we will do our best to fulfill His Eminence wishes in this regard."

He added that we have formulated a policy directive containing 18 guidelines as code of conduct with emphasis on cultural, behavioral and moral issues and the collaboration with the media, non-governmental organizations, and cooperatives, in addition to a strategic program including 4 strategic goals and 9 urgent programs.

In the end of ceremony, Dr. Mansour appreciated the efforts of all previous Heads of FRWO and thanked the Minister of Agriculture Jahad for his trust.