The extraordinary meeting for wildfire management was held on Wednesday morning to review the new developments on firefighting operation in west part of the country with the presence of the Heads of National Disaster Management Management Organization (NDMO), FRWO and the Municipalities and Village Administrators Organization (MVAO) at NDMO Headquarters.

According to FRWO's website, in this meeting, Dr. Masoud Mansour, Deputy Minister and Head of FRWO, and Esma'eel Najjar, Head of NDMO emphasized the development of cooperation and coordination mechanisms for rapid response to fire outbreaks.

In this meeting, Dr. Mansour pointed out to the relationship of torrential rain falls in the spring and the abundance of one-year vegetations and the increase in the probability of fires in natural resources and called for effective cooperation and participation among executive agencies in firefighting operations.

Referring to the presence of volunteer groups, military forces and state agencies in firefighting operation in forests and rangelands of Gachsaran, Head of FRWO also expressed hope that with the close cooperation of National Disaster Management Management Organization (NDMO) and the Ministry of Interior, the speed and extend of fires and damages incurred could be minimized.

Esma'eel Najjar, Head of NDMO stated: "Fortunately, with the follow-up of NDMO and the efforts of MVAO, it was possible to use the facilities of the municipalities during emergency situations."

He said: "In the national disaster control plan, which has been prepared with the aim of protecting forests and rangelands, the duties of each relevant agencies are determined in separate directives."