Head of FRWO in a tele-conversation with the Minister of Agriculture Jahad presented a report on FRWO's measures taken to control the recent wildfires in forests and rangelands.

According to MAJ's website, Dr. Masoud Mansour, Deputy Minister and Head of FRWO, referring to the phenomenon of fire incidence in natural resources due to rise in temperature in fire season every year reiterated:"We have a high probability of fire incidence this year due to torrential rain falls in the spring and abundance of one-year vegetations due to rise in temperature in fire season."

Mansour said that FRWO announced a state of emergency in all provinces to our Natural Resources and Watershed Management Departments (NRWDs) and all fire guard units were put on full alert since early May before the fire season. He reminded " the formation of Disaster Management committees in provinces with chaired by governor generals and membership of relevant agencies for enhanced coordination among executive agencies in the region, organizing and training the volunteer groups, especially nature volunteers, holding emergency meetings with the representatives of National Disaster Management Organization (NDMO), and Ministry of Defense for provision of aerial equipments and services to deal with possible fires.

He added that in this connection, extraordinary meetings were held on wildfire management at NDMO Headquarters for planning so that to enhance coordination, arrange for allocation of budgets to provinces, make provision for supply od personal and group equipments to provinces, issuance of administrative, technical and executive directives to provinces last year.

Based on the report, Dr. Kazem Khavazi, Minister of Agriculture Jahad, in this telephone conversation emphasized the urgent need to prevent any further damages to natural resources by deploying all facilities and capacities and close cooperation with Ministry of Defense, IRGC and the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the mobilization of volunteers group as soon as possible.