Head of FRWO blamed the anthropogenic source in recent fires in the region and noted: "At least the six recent fires have been caused by people for cooking."

Dr. Massoud Mansour, Deputy Minister and Head of FRWO, who visited Behbahan forests in Khuzestan province on Monday, attended the Disaster Management Committee meeting in Behbahan chaired by Governor, Yousef Zamani with presence of a group of provincial officials and local authorities.

According to FRWO’s website, in this meeting, Dr. Mansour noted that FRWO has classified forests in each ecological zone based on forest quantity and quality, that form a national classification standard for the provision of equipments, budgets and facilities to the provinces.

Dr. Mansour also noted that we have launched an early warning and monitoring center for natural resources management at FRWO Headquarters which comprises of the reconnaissance control system of natural resources, emergency 139 telephone line, satellite- based monitoring system, digital wireless system and fire warning and monitoring system in forests and rangelands including land -use changes to oversee forests and rangelands.