Further to rumors regarding the transfer of ownership of Anzali Wetland, Masoud Mansour, Deputy Minister and Head of FRWO in a letter addressed to the Head of The Real Estate, Deeds and Properties Registration Department (REDPRD) asked him to immidiately attend the issue and make legal arrengements for the transfere of the wetland to FRWO as the concerned representative of the government.

Deputy for Real Estate and Cadastre of REDPRD in a response to Mansour’s letter called the demand of FRWO logical and ordered the Department of REDPRD in Gilan province to take necessary actions based on coastal land law to issue any ownership document for Anzali wetland in the name of FRWO. 

Based on this report, According to Article 1 of Forests and Rangelands Nationalization Law approved by the Cabinet of ministers in the session dated 17 March1962; “As of the above date, all lands and properties therein including forests, rangelands, wooded lands and forestlands are announced public property and belong to the Government, even if before the ratification of the present law they belong to individuals/private owners”.

According to Article 2 of Forests and Rangelands Nationalization Law; “Conservation, rehabilitation and development of the above-mentioned resources as well as their exploitation shall rest with Forestry Organization of Iran”.