According to FRWO's website, Dr. Massoud Mansour, Head of FRWO issued a statement on the occasion of International Day of Forests as follows:

بنر - سایت جدید 

In the Name of Almighty

The United Nations General Assembly proclaimed the first day of spring in every year on 21st March the International Day of Forests which marks the greenery and revival of life in nature, highlights the importance of forests in preserving life on Earth.

Forests, as a productive ecosystem, have played a vital role in human life, so that the livelihood of 25% of the world's population depends on the production of forest ecosystems.

The United Nations' 2021 International Day of Forests theme is "Forest restoration: a path to recovery and well-being", demonstrates the importance of forests in ensuring the health, food security and livelihood of a significant part of the world's population.

Implementation of Logging Ban Initiative (LBI) in Hyrcanian forests and the development of conservation measures in forest watersheds in the form of conservation plans by FRWO proves that the determination of the Islamic Republic of Iran in preserving this precious treasure for future generations of this land.  

In commemoration of this important day and inviting all nature lovers to protect forests, I announce: "FRWO, in line with the United Nations' 2021 International Day of Forests theme, has put the realization of goals including “restoration of damaged forests aimed at providing biosecurity and improving the livelihood of local communities as well as utilizing non-wood products in the form of sustainable forest management plan” on her agenda to witness the quantitative and qualitative improvement of forests and the growing greenery and prosperity of our beloved country Iran. "

Massoud Mansour,

Deputy Minister of Agriculture Jahad and Head of FRWO