The second meeting of the Natural Resources Action Plan Coordination Headquarters, chaired by Dr. Massoud Mansour, Deputy Minister of Agriculture Jahad and Head of the Forests, Range and Watershed Management Organization (FRWO) with the agenda of managerial and executive plans and activities of Natural Resources and Watershed Management Departments (NRWDs) in provinces was held at FRWO's Headquarters on Monday, 23 August 2021.

According to FRWO's website, in this meeting, Director General of Natural Resources and Watershed Management Department (NRWD) of Semnan province presented a report on the natural resources management in the province in the field of Integrated Watershed Management (IWM), forest reserve, combat desertification, range management plans and conservation measures.


In this meeting, Dr. Massoud Mansour stated that according to the codified plan of FRWO, the executive plans of the natural resources in the provinces and the tasks assigned to them are defined, and reiterated: "This year, FRWO will strongly follow up its activities with the participation of the people in the country's natural resources management, and according to the plan, Director Generals of Natural Resources and Watershed Management Departments (NRWDs) will present their performance in different sectors of natural resources".

Based on this report, in the conclusion of meeting, while NRWDs' reports in various sectors of natural resources were presented, director generals and deputy director generals at FRWO's Headquarters shared their opinions in order to improve the conditions and fulfill commitments.