Head of the Judiciary during a visit to Lorestan province said:"Verdicts issued by courts in connection with timber smuggling cases should be deterrent".

According to FRWO's website, quoted from Safir-Aflak News Agency, Ayatollah Seyyed Ebrahim Ra'isi, Head of the Judiciary in the meeting of revival of public rights in the field of agriculture, which was held with the presence of provincial officials and elites in the field of agriculture in Lorestan province, said: "Lorestan province is one of the agricultural hubs in the country that by using provincial capacity can play a vital role in production, increasing the employment rate".

He referred to abundant water resources, favorable air, very fertile land and most importantly talented and ready human resources aimed at increasing production in the province and noted: "If the social bed is not prepared for work and production in the country will cause great damage."

Head of Judiciary said that the use of modern technologies in agriculture will increase productivity, bring added value, improve product quality, save water and also export agricultural products.

Referring to the transfer of the agro-industrial complex, he said: "In the first phase of the transfer of the Lorestan to the private sector, this complex becomes a ruin, while in the second phase of privatization; everyone witnessed the full development of this complex."

Ayatollah Ra'isi pointed out: "The principle in privatization is that the private sector develops the country's production complexes and factories. In addition to the government and Agriculture Jahad Organization in province in the province, the efforts of investors and the people of the region are also very important in developing production factories".

He stated: "Granting facilities to all agricultural sectors should be in such a way that eventually the agricultural product reaches the consumer in a cheap and high-quality way".

Head of the Judiciary said: "Many experts believe that the earned income from the development of medicinal herbs can be more than the earned income from oil in our country. However, Lorestan province has the capacity to develop medicinal herbs, while the development of medicinal herbs in this region can create job opportunities for 40,000 people".

Ayatollah Ra'isi, emphasizing the need for a deterrent approach to the phenomenon of wood smuggling, advised the courts and Governmental Discretionary Punishments Organization (GDPO) that the verdicts issued by them in the field of combating wood smuggling and the acceleration of their investigation in this field should be deterrent in a way that it will not lead to any increase in wood smuggling in the country.