The approaches for developing the executive plans of the Department of Watershed Management, Rangeland and Desert Affairs in 2021 were reviewed in the presence of the Head of FRWO.

According to FRWO's Website, Massoud Mansour, Deputy Minister and Head of FRWO in the meeting of managers of Department of Watershed Management, Rangeland and Desert Affairs of FRWO, held at FRWO Headquarters on Tuesday, considered planning as a roadmap containing strategic plans that defines organizational goal and includes the major steps or milestones needed to reach it, and noted: "This approach should be institutionalized in FRWO because planning is very important to choose the right options in the path ahead".

Head of FRWO reiterated: "Significant measures have been taken last year in the form of 9 in 99 initiative in the country's natural resources management, and this initiative needs to be reviewed in order to implement the initiative in 2021 specially in the fields where there is a backlog."

Mansour in this meeting said that the initiative which includes unfinished activities as the prefered FRWO's plans including IWM activities in Zagros region, protesting the country's forests, completion of the cadastre mapping with the priority of rangelands, development of medicinal herbs production, nursery development, development of wood farming and relevant activities should be implemented in 2021.