In a ceremony attended by Massoud Mansour, Head of FRWO accompanied by Somayeh Rafiei, Head of Parliament's Fraction on Environment in Majles and a number of municipal managers, a square in the northern region of the capital was named for Janagalban (Ranger). 


According to FRWO’s website, Massoud Mansour at the naming ceremony of Jangalban Square in commemoration of the 7th of Ordibehesht, the anniversary of the martyrdom of late Nasser Peiravi, the Martyr forester and the former Head of Natural Resources and Watershed Management Office (NRWO) in Masal city - Gilan province.

Peiravi is the martyr in way of Anfal (Public assets) and he has lost his life in the fight against land grabbing and defending the national and forest areas.

He said: "Jangalban Square has been named for them after a lifetime of self-sacrifice and identification of the country's rangers in the protection of natural resources."