Head of FRWO explaining the current status of endowment cases regarding the national lands of Mount Damavand and Aq-Mashhad forests said: "Regarding the current laws, endowment forest lands of Mount Aq-Mashhad is not considered a true endowment".











According to FRWO’s website, quoted from Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA), Massoud Mansour in a press conference meeting of FRWO held at FRWO Headquarters on Saturday with the agenda of  the transfer of wetlands to the Ministry of Energy and the transfer of the Anzali Wetland document to this ministry reiterated: "The law does not allow wetlands ownership document to be issued in the name of the Ministry of Energy and legal arrangements will be made for the transferee of the wetland to FRWO as the concerned representative of the government. On the other hand, the issue of transferring the wetlands to the Ministry of Energy was raised at the meeting of the National Headquarters for Coordination and Management of Wetlands (NHCMW) with the presence of Ishaq Jahangiri - First Vice President."

He noted: "In this meeting, it was decided that the Vice President for Legal Affairs will follow up on the issue to make legal decision. We have not yet been notified in this regard, but the Wetlands Document cannot be issued to any organization or ministry other than FRWO or Department of Encironment (DoE) and the wetlands will remain Anfal and public asset, which is under the authority of both FRWO and DoE".