Head of FRWO requested the Judiciary to take legal action against the perpetrators of deliberate fires and wood smugglers to put an end to the both of them.

According to FRWO’s website, quoted from Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA), Massoud Mansour in a press conference meeting of FRWO held at FRWO Headquarters on Saturday with the agenda of natural resources issues noted that the protection of the country's natural areas has three main pillars, and said: "One of these pillars is technical protection. FRWO needs to have a plan to protect the arenas and protect them through stakeholders, including executors, local communities and people".  

He reiterated that another approach to protecting forests and rangelands is to strengthen physical protection to combat crime and reduce land degradation. The third approach is taking the supportive leadership approach, and accordingly FRWO should take measures that facilitate the mentioned protection methods.  

Emphasizing the importance of implementing IWM and aquifer management projects in the country, Dr. Mansour stated: "Soil erosion reaches 16 tons per ha in the country annually. IWM operations can reduce soil erosion by more than 9 tons per hectare".

He further pointed out that previously, on average, about 5,000 to 6,000 hectares of wood farming projects were implemented in the country annually, and reiterated: "This amount reached more than 22,000 hectares last year".

Mansour noted: "Planting medicinal herbs in the country is one of the examples of Resilient Economy and seeks to provide livelihood for local communities and preserve the soil and the land stability."

Based on his interview, medicinal herbs were cultivated in more than 105 hectares last year. FRWO expects the related industries to cooperate in processing and packaging these products so that medicinal herbs do not leave the country as a raw and unprocessed product.